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Konjac exfoliating biodegradable vegan sponge

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A konjac sponge is made from the fibres of the Konjac sponge, so is 100% sustainable, biodegradable and vegan. 

The sponge has a firm texture to begin with, but will soften up when submerged in water.

The sponge can be used with just plain water or soap, use light circular motions over your face to remove make up and daily grime

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I started my business to help people make sustainable changes to their lifestyle. Whether it is to reduce the amount of single use plastics, or by reducing the amount of man-made fibres by highlighting the virtues of natural wool, we can all make a difference.


Really pleased with my Swizzle Socks. Prompt delivery (especially for a bespoke item) Great packaging maintaining ecological ethos. In their short life, my socks have survived being slippers/bedsocks and hiking socks and a machine wash cycle!


These are the most comfortable socks I own. They fit perfectly and there are no tight sock marks when you eventually have to take them off! I sat with my feet up and enjoyed just looking at them. I am disappointed though as they are now in the wash and I’ve go to wear a boring pair of socks today. I shall definitely be buying a few more pairs so I never have to wear dull, synthetic socks again! Thanks swizzleandfriends.com 😍


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