Bamboo and brush-cotton reusable make-up wipes, - single use alternative

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You don't need to use disposable wipes or cotton wool, when you can use reusable ones instead, saving money in the long run. Made from 100% brush cotton and bamboo towelling, which is soft and gentle on your skin and will get softer the more you wash them. Each pack contains 6 circular make-up wipes that are 10cm (because they are handmade sizes can vary a bit). They can be washed with your normal laundry, but it is recommended that you put it in a laundry bag to stop them escaping.

We also have 100% brush cotton wipes

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I started my business to help people make sustainable changes to their lifestyle. Whether it is to reduce the amount of single use plastics, or by reducing the amount of man-made fibres by highlighting the virtues of natural wool, we can all make a difference.


Really pleased with my Swizzle Socks. Prompt delivery (especially for a bespoke item) Great packaging maintaining ecological ethos. In their short life, my socks have survived being slippers/bedsocks and hiking socks and a machine wash cycle!


These are the most comfortable socks I own. They fit perfectly and there are no tight sock marks when you eventually have to take them off! I sat with my feet up and enjoyed just looking at them. I am disappointed though as they are now in the wash and I’ve go to wear a boring pair of socks today. I shall definitely be buying a few more pairs so I never have to wear dull, synthetic socks again! Thanks 😍


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