Donegal merino wool - a material with beneficial qualities

Donegal merino wool helps us to create beautifully soft garments

Our Inspired By... range is made from soft Donegal merino wool which comes in a variety of colours – 54 to be precise. In each product, we use five colours that have been inspired by the landscape and this gives us the chance to offer more than 459 million colour combinations across the range.

The beauty of merino wool is that is provides a wonderfully soft finish, which we enhance by washing all of the products once in a 40C cycle, which removes the finishing products that are placed on the yarn and make it easier to work with. The manufacturers recommend further washing with a lot of soap, as this will change the texture of the finished article, by making it soften further and become denser.

Merino wool is widely recognised as offering high levels of warmth, breathability and softness, which means the products are comfortable to wear close to the skin.

Its breathability means that it can move moisture away from the skin to evaporate, helping the wearer to stay dry. On top of this, it also helps you to keep cool as it allows body heat to escape when you are hot, which benefits temperature regulation.

Another benefit is that merino wool has anti-bacterial properties which means it allows sweat to remain on the surface without any unwanted smells, and you feel fresher as a result.

And because it is so soft due to how fine the fibres are, it doesn’t have the harsh nature of some other wool, so you don’t get the feeling of itchiness that some associate with traditional wool.

One other benefit is that due to the way the fibres hold together, they create little pockets of air which, as they are trapped, stay warm and aid the materials insulating properties.

Donegal merino wool is a lovely material to work with and we think the finished products in our Inspired By... range offer comfort and warmth - something to snuggle into.

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