We did it! We completed the Virtual MoonWalk

We did it. We completed the Virtual MoonWalk
Taking on a challenge 

We did it. We completed the Virtual MoonWalk but it was definitely a challenge.

It is a couple of years since we said we would take part in the event in London, but then the pandemic took over everyone’s lives and our trip to the capital was cancelled and replaced with a virtual event.

Over recent months we have been doing training walks of varying lengths to prepare for the trek and at the same time, we thought carefully about what the route would be.

Although we knew the distance would be a challenge, we had thought that in London, at least there wouldn’t be many hills but you can’t say the same for East Devon.

We worked on various options before finally settling on the Chard to Ilminster footpath/cycle route. Although this involved seeing the same sights several times in the day, it had the big advantage of having very few hills and those that there were are generally gentle and short.

And we’re off

So, soon after 6am, we set out on our route, emboldened by the crumpets we had for our early breakfast and with strength in our hearts for the positive benefits such a challenge would bring.

What we hadn’t reckoned on was the weather.

Having had weeks of dry days earlier in the year, the rain tried to put a real dampener on things. 

Fortunately, it was only light showers to begin with, and we could cope with that.

Being relatively close to home, we had a support crew bringing out refreshments at different times of the day, so first off was bacon sandwiches after one return journey to Ilminster, which took around three hours.

With our pace starting to slow, the next return trip took a little longer so the hot sausage rolls for two, and hot chicken pie for one were gratefully received.

And on the final leg, the thought of a Chinese takeaway spurred us on with our efforts.

The Virtual MoonWalk was a tremendous challenge but one we were up to completing
Ups and downs  

But it was a huge challenge. All three of us had spells of needing the support of those around us.

With aches and pains developing, and the showers getting heavier (torrential at times), we could easily have lost heart in our endeavour.

But there was encouragement throughout the day, with positive texts from the organisers and a phone call from the same people to see how we were getting on. We even had fellow (unofficial) walkers, in the north of England, at the other end of a WhatsApp chat, which really added something to the day.

Supporting each other helped us to complete the Virtual MoonWalk

Great support 

And we had so many positive comments from people using the same route, encouraging us to achieve what we had set out to do - and at least one of them went home and found the link to our fundraising page to make a donation.

And so, at the end of 26.2 miles, we made our way back to the car for a well-earned rest. We were all a little worse for wear, with aches and pains in legs and feet but the feeling of having completed the route with all of its challenges was tremendous. 

As a result of the support we received, we raised just under £900 for Walk the Walk. We are absolutely delighted with the total but while that may be the end for this year’s event, our thoughts have already turned to entering the London event, so we can really enjoy the atmosphere that it has to offer.

If would still like sponsor us 

Thank you to all those who have donated to the cause, but if you would still like to make a donation, the link is below.


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