Taking on the challenge of the Virtual MoonWalk

The Coley Girls team get ready for the Virtual MoonWalk

Stepping out for charity

It’s not long now until the team sets out on the Virtual MoonWalk to raise money for cancer charities. 

The plan is to set off early on Saturday, May 15, and complete just over 26 miles before the end of the day. 

And we know how big a challenge it is going to be having completed a distance of more than 19 miles on one of our more recent training walks. 

It certainly left a few aches and pains after that one. 

Of course, when we signed up for this event which is organised by Walk the Walk, we thought we would be walking in the streets of London with hundreds of other like-minded individuals on an overnight trek through the capital. 

But then COVID reared its head and the 2020 event was cancelled and the 2021 edition changed to become a virtual event with participants taking part all over the country, but as in isolation. 

Which way to go?

Over the weeks, we have debated our choice of routes. 

Initially we planned to just head out of town and walk 26 miles to get home again but the problem with living in a valley is that there are hills in every direction - something that the route in London would have had decidedly fewer of, which was one of the selling points when it was proposed to child 1 and child 2. 

We have studied maps, tested different roads and narrowed down our options until finally settling on a route that has limited inclines but will be slightly more repetitive. 

So before most people will be awake, the team will be heading up the Chard to Ilminster cycle route, which follows the Stop Line Way. 

We will need to go there and back again a few times to complete the distance but we can accommodate that. 

The Coley Girls team has been training in rain and sunshine

Inspirational messages

Organisers are supporting participants with not only merchandise that highlights the event (which is the unused stock from the cancelled 2020 event, so great for the recycling message) but also with inspirational texts throughout the day to encourage us to keep going. 

The aim is to complete it as a team, to enjoy the challenge (which may be easier said than done) but also to bond in the common cause of raising money for cancer charities. 

Donations welcome

If you would like to sponsor our team for this challenge, click on the link below. All donations, regardless of the size, will be gratefully received. 




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