Swizzle and friends get ready for the Axe Vale Show 2019

What we are doing for the Axe Vale Show 2019

It has been all go at Swizzle and friends as we all get ready to take part in the Axe Vale Show 2019.

While we have taken part in a few smaller shows in the past, this will be the first time we have taken our wares to such a big event.

Swizzle and friends will be at the Axe Vale Show 2019

We have had a couple of trial runs to see how to layout the stall which have taught us a few things. At one of these, while the number of people attending was not high, the response to the stall was very positive.

So with a few lessons learned, we are looking forward to rolling up to the craft marquee but of course, what we don’t know is how much stock to take along.

But how many do we make?

Thousands of people attend the event each year and many of those probably already share our values of reducing the use of plastic and trying to live lives that have a lower impact on the environment.

Getting ready for the Axe Vale Show 2019

So, with that in mind, we have concentrated on increasing our production this week. This has involved the whole work force, with child one, now free from exam stress, adding her skills to the process.

Child two has been helping out on the packing front and we have been pasting and pressing as many wraps as time will allow.

And Jen has been over to help get things ready as well.

The aim is to meet demand but not knowing what that will be does make it a little tricky to judge. But safe to say, we’ll take as many as we can and hope for the best.

Products on sale

But wraps are not all we do, so on Friday, we’ll be packing the car with the full range of reusable products - water bottles, takeaway cups, metal straws, bamboo toothbrushes and metal lunchboxes and a range of other items.

Water bottles will be on sale at the Axe Vale Show 2019

Once we have found the space we have been allocated, we’ll take a little time to get set up. After all, the first bite is with the eye.

And once we are satisfied with our work, we’ll step back and relax for the evening and prepare ourselves for two days of meeting our customers.

Come and meet us

Swizzle and friends will be in the craft marquee at the Axe Vale Show 2019, so if you want to see the faces behind the name, why not come along to the event and seek us out.


Come and meet us at the Axe Vale Show 2019

We even have chocolate pebbles for our visitors , so long as Child 2 and her friend haven’t eaten them all!

Chocolate pebbles will be on offer at the Axe Vale Show 2019

Further reading

To read more about the Axe Vale Show 2019, click here or here.

And to see our range of products before going to the show, click here.



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