Reviewers' praise for Swizzle Socks

Positive response to receiving Swizzle Socks

Swizzle Socks were launched in October, after several months of refining the product and getting used to using Myrtle to create them.

And while we appreciate the price tag is on the high side for socks, each pair is unique and is lovingly crafted as the stitches link up to make the finished product.

We asked a few of our customers to tell us what they thought of their Swizzle Socks and here is what some of them said:


“Normally buying a pair of socks is not an experience but this was! From the moment I opened the package, I knew they would be my favourite pair of socks! They fitted perfectly, so comfy with my DM’s and wellies on long walks. I love odd socks and that was what I got them with all my favourite colours, I will definitely be buying more as they are my new go to socks!”

Swizzle Socks keep your feet warm


“My only comment is that the top of the socks would benefit from being a bit tighter (I had training socks). Wore them all day yesterday and washed on a 30 cycle - they’ve kept their shape and softness. Thank you.”


“I absolutely adore the socks I received. The packaging is fabulous and really fits into the sustainable/eco vibe. There were some gifts inside which added to the overall experience. It was such a lovely surprise - I saved my teabag and chocolate for later so I could prolong my Swizzle experience. The socks are the most perfect fit. They’re soft, perfect height for an ankle/trainer sock, and they feel really breathable and comfortable too. I mentioned I liked green and pink and the socks were the perfect combination and I love them so much. There’s a little brand label on one of the socks which is super cute and you get a really high end vibe I felt. The whole experience would be an excellent gift for someone for Christmas, birthday, or special occasions as it can be tailored. I cannot recommend enough, thank you so much!”

Swizzle Socks come in stylish colours


“A lovely gift to receive to embrace the Hygge philosophy of autumn. Although I did find the material not as soft and cosy as some house socks. So we are sort of in the middle of a good day sock and a comfy lounging sock.”


“Without doubt these are the best socks I have ever worn. Top quality, beautifully made and really comfortable.”


“These are the most comfortable socks I own. They fit perfectly and there are no tight sock marks when you eventually have to take them off! I sat with my feet up and enjoyed just looking at them. I am disappointed though as they are now in the wash and I’ve go to wear a boring pair of socks today. I shall definitely be buying a few more pairs so I never have to wear dull, synthetic socks again! Thanks"


“A rainy and dull morning turned sunny when I opened the box. A wonderful cozy pair of socks with added treats. Happy feet. #swizzlesoxrock”

Swizzle Socks can be worn in the home or in the countryside


Really pleased with my Swizzle Socks. Prompt delivery (especially for a bespoke item) Great packaging maintaining ecological ethos. In their short life, my socks have survived being slippers/bedsocks and hiking socks and a machine wash cycle!”


“Beautiful socks, absolutely stunning colours and superbly made. So comfortable and a pleasure to wear. I love these so much I don’t want to take them off!”


“These socks are divine! I put them on and decided I'm never taking them off again. My feet are happy, and I'm ecstatic! They fit perfectly, and I've already gotten a ton of compliments on them!”

Swizzle Socks go with anything


“More than just a pair of socks! A delightful treat, opening the box and unwrapping the layers made me feel like a kid on Christmas Day! Wearing the socks felt like a warm cosy hug for my feet. 10/10.”


If you would like your own pair of Swizzle Socks, click here, or if you would like to use our bespoke service to influence the design, click here.

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