Marking Mothering Sunday or Mother's Day

As a child, I remember going to Sunday school and having a Mothering Sunday service where all the children got a little bunch of daffodils to give to their mum, we would already have made our mum a card to go with them.

At Sunday school, we would receive a bunch of daffodils to give to Mum. Photo by Sam Mgrdichian on Unsplash

My children have also followed the tradition of making something for Mother’s Day.

Cooking with my children

When they were younger we used to do cooking together, we'd make all the normal things like cupcakes, biscuits and cakes.

But we also made a lot of different meals. Now that the girls are older they do the cooking on the their own, usually only requiring a bit of advice.

I think cooking is important, if you’re trying to minimise single use plastic then you need to be able to cook from scratch. You also have a better idea of what is in your food, because a lot of convenience food has a lot of extra salt and sugar.

Cooking to make a rainbow

I’ve just recently discovered Dr Chattergee and have been reading his book on The Four Pillar Plan.

So we’ve started making sure we eat a rainbow each day. So a jacket potato for tea is far more likely to be a purple sweet potato than an ordinary potato.

Hopefully once the girls go to university and leave home they will use their cooking skills to make sure that they are eating healthily and not living on takeaways.

Hopefully, they will be using the zero waste shops, local butchers and green grocers to buy their food.

Make a meal for your mum

So for Mother’s Day, I would much rather have a meal made for me than buying me some tat that has ‘For the best mum’ printed on it. 

But remember girls, tidying up after yourselves is also included in meal preparation!

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