Like-minded link-ups

Developing like-minded link-ups

As we develop Swizzle and friends, we aim to create some like-minded link-ups and work with people who have a similar ethos.

As part of the development of the business, we have created our new-look website and we have already developed a like-minded link-up with Jurassic Soap Kitchen.

Based in the same part of East Devon as Swizzle and friends, they have a similar outlook in that they are small scale, aiming to create products that enhance rather than detract from our environment and make good use of reusable materials.

Swizzle and friends is looking for like-minded link-ups along the Jurassic Coast. Picture: Terry Ife

Inspiring stuff

The mission of Jurassic Soap Kitchen is to bring some of the awe-inspiring characteristics of the Jurassic Coast, which is a World Heritage Site. The feature runs from Exmouth, Devon, in the west, to Studland Bay, Dorset, in the east, and is about 95 miles long.

They have used their creative know-how and artistic flair to create a range of cosmetics which are designed to capture the essence of this part of East Devon.

Among the attributes of the products created by Jurassic Soap Kitchen are the fact that they are free of palm oil and lanolin, and essential oils are used to provide scent to the soap, all of which is naturally air-dried as part of the production process.

And, as with Swizzle and friends, all the packaging of their products is 100 per cent recyclable.

Adding to what we offer

One of the reasons behind Swizzle and friends developing like-minded link-ups is to bring to our customers a range of products. In order to do this, we are hoping to tap into the expertise of like-minded people who are looking to reduce the use of plastic in our society, to help cut down on the pollution of our environment.

Useful links

If you click on our shop tab, you can see which Jurassic Soap Kitchen products we are featuring on our website.

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