Hand-written notes are a thing of beauty and bring their own benefits

It’s stylish to write by hand. Picture credit: Aaron Burden on Unsplash
Neat writing is a thing of beauty

There is a great skill in writing well by hand and it is always a joy to read a well-written passage which has been presented in a neat script.

Such skills are taught in school and each individual develops their own style, with some being simpler to read than others.

The stereotypical doctor’s handwriting is virtually impossible to read, but some forms are works of art and are just beautiful to look at.

In this electronic age, where communication is often by text, email, the printed page or even a blog - all are written via a keyboard, with a standard format.

Other benefits

There many fonts you can choose from and some even look like handwriting but it’s not quite the same and did you know there are benefits to using a traditional pen and paper?

Among the ways in which handwriting works, where typing doesn’t is that studies show it engages differently with the brain and helps to improve memory. For example, when students are learning, they are able to retain news ideas more easily when they write by hand, rather than typing it.

So it helps pupils to retain the letters and their sounds, which aids them when learning to read. While the keyboard engages the eye and fingertips, handwriting brings multiple muscles into use, including those in fingers, hands and arms, as well as the eyes.

As we write by hand, we can form our thoughts. Picture credit: fotografierende on Unsplash

Forming your thoughts 

Many writers also create their works of literature using long hand to make their early drafts, instead of using a keyboard. Part of this is to do with the way in which they can interact with the written word with annotation, corrections and editing all adding to the writer’s experience and the organic flow of ideas.

Another aspect is that writing by hand allows the author to think and fully form their ideas before committing them to paper.

And there is the emotional side of the equation with a hand-written note being cherished by its recipient, especially if it has been received from a loved one.

And of course, writing by hand can help develop a healthy balance to our approach to work, learning and play.

It’s a question of having the right equipment. Picture credit: Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Using the right equipment 

But for all of this to work, you need to have the stationery to work with. A fountain pen is a thing of beauty for many, the formation of letters on the page is enhanced by a delightfully-bound notebook that places the writing in a perfect setting.

So next time it comes to making notes, just consider the benefits of writing them with your own fair hand.

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