Festive offering from Swizzle and Friends

The season of goodwill is nearly here 

I think we can all agree that this Christmas is going to be a bit different to what we are used to.

At the time of writing, England is in lockdown and while the powers that be have suggested this will be eased at the start of December, the possibility exists that it could be extended or adjusted, so there could still be some restrictions in place.

So with this in mind, the traditional Christmas fair and markets are less likely to be happening - in fact many organisations have said they will not be able to hold such events, so instead they are heading online.

So that is where Swizzle and friends is headed as well.

We have signed up for several online fairs and the plan for the next few weeks is to highlight our different products to those audiences.

Gift ideas

When it comes to Christmas, you might think of things to do with the family so how about considering our kits to make beeswax wraps? They come with full instructions and at the end of it, you'll have something to wrap your sandwiches in, for the months ahead.

If you already have your own material to use, we have the ready-made beeswax blocks, also with full instructions.

Socks are a traditional Christmas gift

Socks - the traditional Christmas gift

But of course, what could be more traditional as a Christmas gift than a pair of socks. 

As you know, we launched Swizzle Socks in October. They are bright and colourful and from all the feedback we have had, they are proving popular among those who have already bought them.

If you want to have some say in what your ordered pair will look like, then have a look at our Bespoke Swizzle Socks, which cost £25.

Alternatively, if you are happy to receive a ready-to-send pair, we offer these at £22.

The sock of the month for December was inspired by candy canes

And for the same price, you could order our Sock of the Month (candy cane design) or the Bonus Sock of the Month (holly berry design), especially for the festive season, which are inspired by the season, and made from 100 per cent British wool.

The bonus sock of the month is holly berries

Finally, we have our hug-in-a-box, which costs £40 and includes a reusable takeaway mug.

And with each one, you can select a greetings card to add that personal touch and there are also a few added extras.

New line

We have recently added a new line to our range with our Swizzle Hats for Terry’s chocolate oranges. Made to measure for the chocolate orange, if you prefer to steer clear of chocolate, you could use them to enhance an orange or an apple, just to add that extra bit of fun to the occasion.


Check out our shop for some gift ideas

So why not visit the products page to see how we can help you complete your Christmas shopping.

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