Seeking out contentment in a world of challenges

Constricted by the situation

In these challenging times, it can be difficult to be satisfied with your lot. Many people are feeling constricted by the situation and are not able to achieve what they had hoped to because of the restrictions imposed to bring the coronavirus under control.
Many people are feeling isolated and this can be a particular problem for older teenagers. In days gone by, although studying for good quality grades in a range of fields, teenagers also had the chance to develop their social standing, just by growing up.
This might include practising for and taking a driving test. Even if they didn’t own a car, the ability to drive unaided was a good place to be and could be celebrated with their peers.
The simple act of going out with friends, perhaps to a pub or just hanging out together, were ways of building up experiences that could be reflected on later.
But these days, along with the usual challenges that teenagers have to face, they are cut off from the usual stages of their social development.

Hygge is all about cosy contentment and enjoying the simple things in life. Picture credit: Sergei Solo on Unsplash

Seeking cozy contentment (seeking hygge)

And while this is difficult, trying to find contentment in the situation might be the wisest course of action.
Some people are content with their own company, curled up with a good book, or sipping a comforting hot chocolate.

Enjoying a hot chocolate can bring a sense of ease and cosiness
In Denmark, they have a word, hygge (pronounced hoo-ga), which is all about cozy contentment and enjoying the simple things in life.
But it is not quite that simple to define – it’s about that cosy jumper that you wouldn’t wear if you were going out, but would quickly put on, once you get in.
It’s about wrapping yourself up and watching the world go by, or the cosiness of sitting in front of a real flame and eating a little comfort food after an energetic walk in the cool winter temperatures.
And looking a little further ahead, it will be about spending time with friends and family and enjoying the warmth of a shared experience and the laughter that goes with it.

Finding the right balance between ambition and contentment

Getting the right balance between ambition and contentment is important when it comes to happiness. Picture credit: Hannah Busing on Unsplash.


Being content with your lot can be a tricky balance. There is nothing wrong with being ambitious and seeking personal goals, but there’s a lot to be said for being content with some of the simple things in life, to help you maintain your well-being balance.
So while the current situation continues, it’s important to try to be satisfied with that brief glimpse of a bird feeding in the garden, the walk by the river on a misty morning or sitting inside and watching the rain fall.
Seek out the positives in your life and be content with the simple things. You have just one life, so make the most of it.
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