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Here’s a blog we published to highlight the benefits of working in unison. It was first published on November 17, 2018.

The only way the world can tackle climate change is by working in unison, so that is what we need to do.

Working as individuals will not be enough to achieve all that is required.

Illustrating the point of working in unison

Some years ago, there was a great advert on television that clearly illustrates the point of working in unison.

The UK public service union, Unison created the advert to promote its work.

It starts with an ant facing insurmountable odds to get past a large bear.

On its own, it can't get the bear's attention and even with a few supporters, the bear remains immovable.

The bear is scared away, when all the ants work in unison.

Achieving the results

This is the only way the international community can have any chance of tackling climate change.

The achievements of individual nations may be great but when balanced against the results of the most polluting, there is no net gain.

By working in unison, we can achieve the aim that will benefit the largest number of people.

By working in unison across international borders in a concerted way, we give ourselves a chance to reduce pollution and improve our planet.

So what we need to do is start working together to reduce the impact of climate change.

We need to cut the levels of pollution on our planet, so use less plastic and other damaging items.

Reduce the air miles of the food we eat, so buy seasonal produce.

Cut down on using the car so why not  try walking to the shops, if you don't have much to get? Not only will this save on fuel costs, but it could also benefit your fitness levels.

It's vital for future generations that we take action now.

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