A younger perspective of going along to a Green Living fair

What is at a Green Living fair?

On the 6th of April 2019, Swizzle and Friends went to a Green Living fair held in a seaside church. In total, there were 17 stalls with some selling environmentally friendly items and some with tips on making you life more environmentally friendly.

We went to see if we could sell many of our products including our wraps, sponges and leftover material wreaths.

The stall at the Green Living fair

On the journey there we were thinking that we may not sell many as, when we have done events like that before, we have not sold many of our products. However, this time we sold more than expected and we were invited to other events that are similar to this one.

According to many of our customers, our layout of the stall was very nice. Doing this event boosted our confidence and meant that we found ways to improve for future events. It also meant we interacted with people so we knew good techniques for future events.

Our products

Swizzle and friends - some of the products on the trial run in the kitchen.

Another thing we gained was learning good advertising tips for future events. The products that we took to sell were: beeswax wraps, sponges (two different types, one for cleaning yourself and one for cleaning dishes), beeswax mixture blocks, material for making your own beeswax wraps, wreaths, plants (aloe vera and cacti) our Swizzle and Friends water bottles and our Swizzle and Friends coffee cups.

Our wreaths are made of any small pieces of material that are too small to make into wraps so we make use of them rather than recycling them with other textile materials. With our wreaths, we sort the material into the different colours so there can be wreaths that are mainly blue or mainly green but sometimes we have mixed colours. Around Christmas we make wreaths in greens and reds for Christmas colours.

Time was spent in the kitchen to see what should go where

Sales were good

We had a steady number of people throughout the day. Our most popular items were our wraps but we also sold sponges, water bottles and coffee cups which we liked. When we went, I had not expected many of the water bottles or cups to sell as when we have tried selling them before, they haven’t been very popular, so it was good to see some being sold.

Speaking to the customers is an important part of the process

What did we learn?

Next time we would have some of our products a bit lower down as people looked down at the products on the table not at eye-line. It was overall a very successful event and I am sure we would do it again.

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